The WLE Group brings a new dimension to premier entertainment in New Zealand by creating unique and innovative brands that revolutionise the way people explore exotic cuisines, entertain and aspire a certain lifestyle. Through top tiered service, a talented management and promotions team, The WLE Group delivers top quality.

After years of success in events planning and promotions in Jamaica and the USA, in 2013, Simon and Lisa decided to bring cutting-edge branding and premier entertainment to a new level in Wellington, New Zealand. Out of a need to establish a truly dynamic entertainment group in Wellington, the WLE Group (otherwise known as Wellington Live Entertainment Group) was born.

Wellington lays claim to the title of New Zealand’s “cultural capital,” with a host of concerts, plays, operas, shows and live entertainment.

Our clientele includes well-educated, fashionable, media savvy and culturally diverse individuals who demands upscale exclusivity and unforgettable events.
Our talented management and promotions team, coupled with our relationships with exclusive venues, local media outlets, and private investors, enable us to produce one-of-a-kind productions to include concerts, upscale parties, seasonal vacation getaways, as well as fundraising and promotional events.



To be the premier entertainment and lifestyle group in New Zealand and beyond. The WLE Group is now pursuing exciting new projects in food, fashion and lifestyle entertainment.



Building cutting-edge lifestyle brands that will revolutionise the way entertainment is delivered, deliver high value to our customers, generate inspiration to our group, enhance the wider community and deliver exceptional value to our partners.